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Salvatore Ferragamo Store

Project Highlights:


  • Fast Track
  • Manage Salvatore Ferragamo furnishings
  • Rigorous Aesthetics
  • Clash Detection
  • BIM
  • Coordination of disciplines


Project Overview:


Projects such as Salvatore Ferragamo are Fast Track projects. Fast Track is a technique where activities that would have been performed sequentially using the original schedule have to be executed in parallel. In other words, fast-tracking a project means the activities are worked on simultaneously instead of waiting for each piece to be completed separately. This calls for the Architect, Engineers, and General Contractor be in constant coordination and communication. One of the additional challenges of building Salvatore Ferragamo’s new franchise store is that they require that all locations have the same typology and profile, for this reason, it is not only necessary to build fast, it is also important that the aesthetic and physical space represent the idea and specifications of the franchise. A feat that our firm was able to effectively accomplish.




For more information about this project or any of our capabilities, please get in touch with our team.





General Contractor, Retail