Capabilities - Sustech
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How can Sustech help?

Through a vast and unique skillset, Sustech is ready to tackle a wide variety of projects across diverse industries, with a streamlined, highly organized approach that goes well beyond the typical design and construction firm. Our energy and deep synergies with partners, clients, vendors, and other shareholders make for a smooth and efficient experience.

on a mission to build.


Sustech specializes in complete development for both residential and commercial clients. Our scope of work ranges from ground-up development, additions, and remodeling to complete design and build for residential, commercial, retail, healthcare and large scale federal projects. All of our projects are completed under the utmost professional supervision, and adhering strictly to your timeline, budget, performance requirements, and design needs.


Our general contracting services provide a comprehensive breadth of services for the most demanding clients. From site work to sophisticated finishes, we manage all aspects of construction with professionalism and excellent results.


Elevated architectural design meets robust building technology, to produce high-performance structures that enhance the experience of its occupants and streamline the project evolution for the owners.


Acting as an outside advisor, or reporting as an integral part of your team, Sustech can provide insightful consultancy of all aspects of project management, at any stage of the building’s life, including structures created by other companies.

the way of the future.


Sustech is poised as a local authority in the field of construction technology application, leveraging latest-generation tools and trends from around the globe to provide the most detailed and advanced consulting in construction technology in Puerto Rico. By holistically integrating data and advanced rendering processes into the design and building workflow, we can provide an incredibly efficient and transparent experience to clients.


With advanced 3D scanning, our team can develop precise data to better address the evolving needs of any structures and its occupants. We can effectively identify and correct structural errors, estimate project costs, and more, to optimize your project’s outcome.


BIM provides vital data for Project Management, offering reliable information for the project’s development. It also addresses the after-construction stage, providing key insights to properly maintain the building, improve its lifecycle, and add value to your investment.


Sustainable building is a multi-faceted approach that applies technology, research, and resourcefulness to honor and respect our environment while delivering strategic, scalable solutions with minimal occupational and operational impact.

The sky
is the limit.

Sustech clients instantly gain access to an interdisciplinary team of engineers, architects, and contractors who are ready and eager to discover efficient solutions for any project need, to deliver on-time, on-budget, high-performance structures and provide outstanding consulting services. We focus on delivering practical, innovative, and technically sound solutions across all areas of new and existing construction.

Full service at every stage.

Trust our team of engineering and design experts to uncover key insights into existing structures, with advanced 3D scanning and building analysis tools, or join your team on a journey from concept to completion, with turnkey design-build capabilities. Our team can lend their knowledge and dedicated service at any stage of the building’s life cycle.


Great projects start by listening attentively to the client's needs. Our staff will capture your project's aesthetic, performance and operational requirements to begin formulating a plan that expertly communicates your vision and long-term goals.


Our engineering and design teams will perform a full analysis of the site, the project, its specific needs, errors and opportunities to create a sound recommendation based on efficiency and compliance.


Function and form fuse as our design team creates or improves on the project's design with a data-driven approach and in keeping with today's global design trends.


A step-by-step plan will guide our teams, vendors, partners, and our clients to fulfill an efficient and multi-faceted roadmap to success. The planning phase can include from design to pre-construction consulting, to sustainable building audits and recommendations, and more.


Whether it's a design-build project, new construction, remodel or restoration, our team will apply best industry practices, high-quality materials, and strict safety protocol to ensure that projects are completed in time, on budget and to your specs.


Protect your investment and extend the life of your structure with comprehensive maintenance services and operations consulting provided by our team of experts.

The highest industry standard in safety.

At Sustech, our associates adhere to strict procedures for both themselves and those working on a project site. No matter the job or the circumstances, we provide a safe working environment to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind. We implement and enforce safety measures through technology and training. All employees in both the field and operations partake in safety training. Our safety culture and track record stem from the involvement, leadership, and dedication of our management teams and associates. We empower and hold all associates accountable to higher standards to enhance the safety and health of all those working on a project site, ensuring maximum protection and performance..

Ready to get started?