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Discover how leading construction technology can enhance your project.

Sustech is poised as a local leader in the field of construction technology application, leveraging latest-generation tools and trends from around the globe to provide the most detailed and advanced consulting in construction technology in Puerto Rico. By holistically integrating data and advanced rendering processes into the design and building workflow, we can provide an incredibly efficient and transparent experience to clients.

Deeper insights for better project outcomes.

Going far above the standard in design requirements, budget limits, and deadlines, Sustech design and consulting executives take full advantage of available technologies to maximize efficiencies and boost return on the investment of owners and clients on a massive scale. In an otherwise intimidating industry, our team makes construction technology accessible and real for owners of projects of all sizes and across a wide range of industries.


With advanced 3D scanning, our team can develop precise data to better address the evolving needs of any structures and its occupants. We can effectively identify and correct structural errors, estimate project costs, and more, to optimize your project’s outcome.


BIM provides vital data for Project Management, offering reliable information for the project’s development. It also addresses the after-construction stage, providing key insights to properly maintain the building, improve its lifecycle, and add value to your investment.


Sustainable building is a multi-faceted approach that applies technology, research, and resourcefulness to honor and respect our environment while delivering strategic, scalable solutions with minimal occupational and operational impact.

Sustech works with the planet in mind.

Sustech’s approach to sustainable construction is based on integration, stewardship, and respect for the environment. It is our goal to construct all projects using sustainable practices, regardless of whether the project requires a specific green building certification. As a commitment to our clients and the communities we serve, we strive to source green building materials, minimize waste, utilize local suppliers, salvage existing materials on renovation projects and prevent negative environmental impacts from construction activities.

High-performance construction starts with better data.

Data on (and off the worksite) is no longer considered ‘nice-to-have’; it’s become pivotal for informed decision-making processes at the highest levels of business in the AEC space.

Collaborative Problem-Solving Process

Our peer-to-peer and company-to-client collaboration channels not only offer transparency and efficiency, they attest to our sense of teamwork, business savvy and trustworthiness.

Real-Time Analysis and Conflict Detection

Without proper workspace planning, time–space conflicts frequently occur at construction sites. Our 4D-BIM dynamic conflict detection system can identify conflicts and quantify their impacts on project performance.

Data-Driven Planning and Design

Quantitative and qualitative data allows our team to make sound recommendations on a building's current (or foreseeable) situation, or provides a wide array of scenarios to plan for efficient new construction projects.

An industry in constant evolution.

In the fast-paced construction and design trade, it’s pivotal to stay up to date with the latest technologies, to improve lead time, reduce material costs and make the best possible use of our most valuable resource: our people. By investing continuously in the training and continued education of our staff and exploring new and relevant technologies, Sustech is setting a high standard in the construction industry in Puerto Rico and beyond.

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