3D Scanning - Sustech
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3D Scanning

Leading the way in Construction 3D Laser Scanning in Puerto Rico.

3D Scanning is a technology that takes building to another level, documenting “real world” specs of your building design, providing key data into 3D perspective to correct flaws, and be more accurate in the design process. The data is so precise that it helps us to have a better understanding of your building’s necessities to correct structural errors, estimate project cost and materials, predict flow and inhabitant’s future life—inside and out—to optimize project outcome. With the integration of the BIM approach, 3D Scanning helps us innovate and maximize building functionality and project management, so you save money and time.

Applying established and emerging technologies to produce unprecedented building insights.

3D Scanning Capabilities:

  • Forensic Scanning
  • 3D Scanning to Model
  • 3D Scanning to Model to Drawing
  • 3D Scanning to Drawing
  • Earthwork Calculations
  • Fabrication, Quality Control, and Field Verification

Leveraging technologies to improve efficiency.

Construction technology can be overwhelming, but our team makes construction technology accessible and real for owners of projects of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. Going far above the standard in design requirements, budget limits, and deadlines, Sustech design and consulting executives take full advantage of available technologies to maximize efficiencies and boost return on the investment of owners and clients on a massive scale.

Focus on the big picture.

Sustech projects are not only efficiently built and beautiful, but they are also built with scalability, resilience, and long-term lifespans in mind. Our team is highly skilled and constantly researching emerging and proven technologies, to apply best practices in construction, design, and maintenance to projects of sizes while keeping in the reality and unique needs of the industry in Puerto Rico. That’s why Sustech clients truly experience the best of both worlds. We keep our finger on the pulse of a global industry and effectively adapt our approach to the needs of resilience and scalability of our region.

Sustech works with the planet in mind.

Sustech’s approach to sustainable construction is based on integration, stewardship and respect for the environment. It is our goal to construct all projects using sustainable practices, regardless of whether the project requires a specific green building certification. As a commitment to our clients and the communities we serve, we strive to source green building materials, minimize waste, utilize local suppliers, salvage existing materials on renovation projects and prevent negative environmental impacts from construction activities.

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