BIM / Virtual Design - Sustech
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BIM / Virtual Design

BIM allows owners to make better decisions for their structures.

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling. It’s a pioneering design and construction management approach that turns project information into insight. No other design technology is so precise. This data is vital for Project Management because it provides reliable information to correct and improve the design, resulting in risk and cost reduction. It also attends the after-construction stage, providing key data to properly maintain your building, improving your property’s lifecycle, and adding value to your investment.

BIM technologies provide such practical data on cost reduction and procedural insights, it essentially pays for itself.

BIM Capabilities:

  • 3D Modeling (Conversion from 2-D drawings)
  • Clash and Collision Detection
  • Take-offs
  • 4-D (scheduling) and 5-D Simulation (costing)
  • Construction Documents
  • Coordination between trades
  • Project & Construction Management
  • Extraction and management of project information
  • Activity and risk analysis
  • Fabrication drawings

Leveraging technologies to improve efficiency.

Construction technology can be overwhelming, but our team makes construction technology accessible and real for owners of projects of all sizes and across a wide range of industries. Going far above the standard in design requirements, budget limits, and deadlines, Sustech design and consulting executives take full advantage of available technologies to maximize efficiencies and boost return on the investment of owners and clients on a massive scale.

Focus on the big picture.

Sustech projects are not only efficiently built and beautiful, but they are also built with scalability, resilience, and long-term lifespans in mind. Our team is highly skilled and constantly researching emerging and proven technologies, to apply best practices in construction, design, and maintenance to projects of sizes while keeping in the reality and unique needs of the industry in Puerto Rico. That’s why Sustech clients truly experience the best of both worlds. We keep our finger on the pulse of a global industry and effectively adapt our approach to the needs of resilience and scalability of our region.

Everyone benefits from BIM.

Partnering with an experienced Building Information Modeling (BIM) firm offers immense advantages to all parties in the structure’s ecosystem. By providing exact data on the building that goes well beyond what even the trained eye can see, we can allow management to make more informed decisions and enhance the experience of its occupants.

Designers + Builders

  • Improved space planning
  • Innovative approach
  • High competence levels
  • Correct / eliminate design errors
  • Accurate estimates
  • Risk prevention
  • Stay on budget

Owners + Developers

  • Define and maximize return on the invests
  • Add value to the property
  • Improve building management practices and develop more efficient operation protocols
  • Comply within regulatory guidelines
  • Extend the building’s lifecycle
  • Outline deconstruction


  • Create safer environments
  • Outline and create more efficient workspaces
  • Create more comfortable living spaces
  • Increase the structure's performance
  • Identify design errors to improve on the overall experience

Sustech works with the planet in mind.

Sustech’s approach to sustainable construction is based on integration, stewardship and respect for the environment. It is our goal to construct all projects using sustainable practices, regardless of whether the project requires a specific green building certification. As a commitment to our clients and the communities we serve, we strive to source green building materials, minimize waste, utilize local suppliers, salvage existing materials on renovation projects and prevent negative environmental impacts from construction activities.

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