Construction - Sustech
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Experience superior A-to-Z construction services in Puerto Rico.

Sustech specializes in complete development for both residential and commercial clients. Our scope of work ranges from ground-up development, additions, and remodeling to complete design and build for residential, commercial, retail, healthcare and large scale federal projects. All of our projects are completed under the utmost professional supervision, and adhering strictly to your timeline, budget, performance requirements, and design needs.

Sustech goes well beyond your expectations.

Our team of talented design and construction professionals will not only provide building services and advisory to comply with current codes, but will further create (or improve) your project beyond the typical expectations of the market. Our high-energy, holistic approach stems from a desire to go well beyond the satisfaction owners are used to, delivering an outstanding experience to each client.

Always safe on the job.

Our people and communities come first, with a strong operational focus on our safety. At Sustech, our associates adhere to strict procedures for both themselves and those working on a project site. No matter the job or the circumstances, we provide a safe working environment to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind. We empower and hold all associates accountable to higher standards to enhance the safety and health of all those working on a project site, ensuring maximum protection and performance.


Our general contracting services provide a comprehensive breadth of services for the most demanding clients. From site work to sophisticated finishes, we manage all aspects of construction with professionalism and excellent results.


Elevated architectural design meets robust building technology, to produce high-performance structures that enhance the experience of its occupants and streamline the project evolution for the owners.


Acting as an outside advisor, or reporting as an integral part of your team, Sustech can provide insightful consultancy of all aspects of project management, at any stage of the building’s life, including structures created by other companies.

Sustech loves and respects the environment.

Sustainability is a key element in the built environment and our profession’s approach to design, addressing the compounding global challenges of resource availability, water quality, and increasing pollution and natural disasters in Puerto Rico. It is an integral part of our work to respect and honor the natural environment to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our community. Sustech’s community sustainability goals are fulfilled by our ability to create practical solutions to the challenges posed by climate change, population growth, and the pursuit of more connected, healthier communities.

We’re proud to transform the client experience.

Sustech provides an unprecedented standard in construction services, coupled with aggressive ventures in technology, and vast experience in the field of building and design in and out of Puerto Rico. With this unique combination, we are proud to offer a one-of-a-kind experience to owners in the commercial and residential space, with our sights set firmly on tomorrow.

Thoughtful Design

Our multi-disciplinary team can address all aspects of the structure's design, from comprehensive site analysis, to architectural design, to high-tech visualizations and more.

Strategic Construction

From concept to completion to complete lifecycle, our construction team can apply a strategic approach to building and maintenance that covers all the bases.

Long-lasting Impact

Our sights are set on the long haul, producing plans and executing projects that are scalable, sustainable and built to last, with long-term use that support your mission and objectives now and in the future.

Always on time and on budget.

Our work is largely mandated by rigorous feasibility parameters, set by the client’s time and budget, which we consider and adhere to with the utmost accountability. Aside from creating aesthetically pleasing projects with high-performance standards, our job as agents of our clients on the field is to protect their financial interest and always deliver on the task as promised. You can trust us with this endeavor and we will exceed your expectations.

Ready to get started?