Baskin Robbins Montehiedra - Sustech
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Baskin Robbins Montehiedra

Project Highlights:


  • Fast Track Project
  • Rigorous Aesthetics
  • New Technologies
  • Cost-effective


Project Overview:


The Project consists of the new construction of a Baskin Robbins store at Montehiedra Mall. Sustech occupies the position of general contractors and one of the challenges of this project is that Baskin Robbins franchises have to meet a very specific delivery date also known as Opening Date. In the same way, Baskin Robbins requires that all locations have the same typology and profile,
for this reason, it is not only necessary to build fast, it is also important that the aesthetic and physical space represents the idea and specifications of the franchise.




For more information about this project or any of our capabilities, please get in touch with our team.





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